Virtual care services for your well-being

JoJoCare connects you to the right kind of care, when you need it. Talk to medical practitioners, lawyers, educators, and fitness experts in the comforts of your home.

How It Works

Find and provide holistic care services. From medical to wellness to legal and even education!

JoJoCare will connect clients and professionals virtually, anytime and anywhere.

Book and pay for appointments online, hop into sessions using chat, audio, and video calls, all in the same platform!

What We Offer

We have a range of licensed and skilled professionals
ready to offer their services and provide the right kind of care.


We've got licensed doctors for your varied health concerns - general physicals, dentists, pediatricians, psychologists, and more!


We have lawyers to answer your legal queries - General Counsel, Criminal Lawyers, Corporate lawyers, and more!


We've got teachers and tutors to help keep your brain sharp - English Tutor, Math Tutor, Science Tutor, and more!

Editorial Services

We have editors ready to help you turn in the perfect paper - Proofreading, News Write up, Content Management, and more!

Creative Arts and Design

We have artists ready to help you reach the next level with your hobbies - Guitar, Voice, Choreographer, Graphic Design, and more!


We've got accountants to help you with those confusing numbers - Personal Finance Planning, General Accounting, Tax Accounting, and more!

Media Editing

We have editors and talents ready to help you create that short film - PhotoShop, Video editing, Voice Over, and more!

Health and Wellness

We have trainers to help keep you in shape - Zumba, Yoga, Calisthenics, and more!

Other Services

We've got professionals ready to share their talents with you - Horoscope, Tarot Card Reading, Personal Chef, and more!

Why Choose JoJoCare

Access to Wide Range of Care Services

JoJoCare will be the all-in-one platform to connect clients and professionals for holistic services - medical, wellness, legal, and education - anytime and anywhere.

Convenience and Value for Time

Why wait in line when you can go online? Book and attend sessions in just a few clicks!

Safe and Secure

Every transaction and session are done within the platform. All users will undergo verification.

Get answers and advice faster

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